Candles for magic - which ones are actually used for what?

Kerzen für Zauber - welche verwendet man eigentlich wofür?

Witches love candles, of course! They represent the element of fire and light the way to us for the spirits.
They come in all shapes and colors, but which candle do you actually use for what?

Left to right:

- Glass candles: also known as seven-day candles or novenas, are wonderful altar candles and are used for all spells that are carried out over a longer period of time. You can also decorate the top with oils and herbs for a specific purpose, consecrate to a spirit, or decorate the jar with sigils/runes.

- 7-button candle: also called 7-wish candle, can be used either for spells that burn off a button every day or for 7 different spells if you want something a little more complex.

- Figure candle: here there are female and male forms, cats (for luck), bridal couples, skulls and much more. They are used for very personal and interpersonal spells, enhancing visualization and making the spell more intense.

- Stick candle: also called dinner candle, is the classic candle shape and works well as an altar candle. But it can also be used for spellwork, it just takes more time to burn.

- Spellcandles: these small candles are specially designed for spellwork because they only burn for about one to one and a half hours. They are super practical and you can even find so-called birthday candles in normal shops that you can use accordingly.

In the coming posts I will go into more detail about the use of candle colors and the interpretation of the flame.

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