Candle magic - what the flame says

Kerzenzauber - was die Flamme aussagt
In the next round on the subject of Candle Spellwork, I would like to briefly explain to you today the importance of the behavior of the flame for the spell.

The way the flame moves (or doesn't move) is a pretty good way to tell if the spell will be successful or if there's trouble.

My personal experience looks like this:

Normal to large, calm flame: everything is going well, there are no disruptive factors, the magic works

Small Flame: the spell works, but the energies have to fight hard against resistance

Restless, quivering flame: strong resistance, many disturbing energies at work

Sparkling, crackling, fluttering: your spirits want to tell you something, there is either a message for you or they come to support your magic

Dripping candle: the spell works hard, problems are resolved

Of course, a rational mind could also say: hey, that somehow depends on the nature of the candle. Yes, to some extent yes, for example a candle decorated with herbs or heavily oiled may burn differently and more intensively. But experience tells me that there is really something to this interpretation of flames. And if you're unsure, I recommend a card reading or other divination methods to find out about the success of the magic.
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