Normal dream or out of body experience?

Normaler Traum oder Astralreise?
As a witch's skills advance, sleep isn't the same as it used to be.
You may know this: You wake up in the morning, feel completely exhausted, had intensive dreams and ask yourself - what was that, please?

Maybe it wasn't a normal dream, but an out of body experience. This often happens unintentionally. Anyone who consciously trains out of body experience while awake can definitely tell the difference to a normal dream more easily. Here I would like to briefly list the distinguishing features of dreams and out of body experience from my own experience.

- confused connections, no logical courses of action
- You are in control of what is happening
- if something bad happens, you wake up
- You don't remember what happened

out of body experience:
- Very real events, detailed process as in real life
- you meet strange beings, have conversations, get knowledge that you didn't have before
- bad things can happen, you don't just wake up
- after waking up you feel exhausted, but you can remember everything

The exhaustion comes from the fact that the mind was really somewhere else. This visit to other worlds is damn exhausting and can leave you confused at first. I myself have been able to bring it about 3 times so far, a few other times it just happened. But the experiences were very special, I remember everything.
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