Road Opener Spell - new possibilities

Road Opener Spell - neue Möglichkeiten
Sometimes we get to a point where we feel stuck. No matter what we try, somehow we don't get ahead.
Sometimes there are blockages behind it that we don't really notice.

This is where a Road Opener Spell can help - a spell to open up new opportunities to attract luck and success.
The name comes from a subtropical plant called Abre Camino and is often used in hoodoo.

Since not everyone can easily get hold of this plant, you can of course design a road opener spell differently.

I would always use a green candle for this, anoint it with oil of success and possibly decorate it with appropriate herbs. Then one could write the desire to clear blockages on a piece of paper and then either place it under the candle and let it burn, or burn the piece of paper. I would bury the remains of this spell at a crossroads or train tracks - symbolic of the new ways.
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