Protective spells - traditional charms for home & on the go

Schutzzauber - traditionelle Charms für Zuhause & unterwegs
Here I would like to list a few simple protection charms that you can make yourself for at home or on the go. For more information on the individual ideas, simply search on social media using hashtags or a search engine.

Proven wards are:
- Necklace made of threaded rowan berries
- a horseshoe above the door
- Iron nails in the 4 corners of a house
- A Witch's Ladder made of 9 different elements
- Witch Bottle filled with nails, shards, herbs, urine etc.
- Witch Bells on the door
- a cross made of rowan wood, tied with a red ribbon
- Salt scattered on thresholds and window sills
- Herbs with a protective function hung as a bundle
- Charm Bags / Mojo Bags
- painted symbols above doors or windows (sigils, runes, pentagram, evil eye etc.)
- Garlic
- branches of thorn bushes (e.g. sloe, blackberry, hawthorn)
and much more

It is always advisable to have several wards active. You never know…
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