Why do spells sometimes not work?

Warum funktionieren Zauber manchmal nicht?
Every practicing witch has encountered a spell that didn't work or produced a completely different result than expected. Sometimes circumstances in the background are responsible that we do not know. But mostly it's because of something we did or didn't do. Here is a small list of possible causes:
• you're burned out and don't have enough resources to direct the energies
• you have too little practical experience
• you subconsciously don't trust that it will work
• the logic of the spell is wrong (example: with a dispelling spell you keep the remains of the spell with you)
• the purpose of the spell was not focused enough, the energies were too diffuse
• the whole structure was too complicated
• you want to achieve something that is physically impossible
• you were impatient and destroyed the flow of energy by pondering
• you have not implemented appropriate consequences in your daily actions (example: success magic, then you also have to do something for it, such as writing applications or similar)
I myself have made the mistake of not formulating the intention precisely enough. Then the energy will have too much scope and, most likely, will not lead to the desired result.
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