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Saint Anthony figure

Saint Anthony figure

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Anthony of Padua is the patron saint of the cities of Padua, Lisbon, Fatima, Paderborn, Hildesheim and Menden (Sauerland) and of bakers, swineherds, miners, travelers and social workers.

He is invoked for infertility, fever, plague, shipwreck, distress of war, disease of cattle, and also for the recovery of lost objects. He should also help with finding a partner.

In addition, he should help to have a good birth, to grow old, to a good harvest and to a rich find of mushrooms (mushroom greeting: "Antonius behüt'"). He is also considered the patron saint of women and children, lovers, marriage, horses and donkeys. His patronage of the poor is particularly well known (donations for the needy are collected under the name of St. Anthony's Bread).

Stable figure made of polyresin, 22 cm high.

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