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witch box

witch box

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witches box

In addition to some extremely useful incense accessories, the Berk witch's box also contains a fine selection of magical fragrance mixtures. These can help the sensitive person to open the doors to various wondrous abilities and powers. So in your time you belong to those who create their own realities and work their own miracles.

- Soapstone incense burner
- 10 charcoal tablets ø 3.3 cm
- 6 charcoal tablets ø 2.7 cm
- A copper spoon
- Smoke sand
- Holy Smokes Flyer and
- Description
- 14 incenses of 4 - 5 g each:

spirit of the coin
love spell
amulet incense
power of purification
power of visions
spirit of invocation
lucky incense
White Magic Power
Witch smoke for witches
Witch Smoke vs Witches
ancestral smoke

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