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Frankincense Ritual Mix 20 ml or 5 ml

Frankincense Ritual Mix 20 ml or 5 ml

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My incense ritual consists of 3 different resins: frankincense, myrrh and styrax.
It can be used pure for smoking or as a basis for individual blends.
The composition is intense, heavy and sweet. It provides relaxation, concentration and a sacred purification of the atmosphere in your rituals.

Mixture of 3 different resins in a 20 ml cork glass or in a small 5 ml sample.
Ingredients: Olibanum (frankincense), myrrh, styrax

Once the mixture is used up, you can simply use the beautiful jar for your purposes (e.g. magically as a spell jar or for storing spices).
It has a size of about 6cm.

Safety instructions:
Not suitable for internal use, only use for smoking!
Only use suitable, fireproof vessels for smoking and keep an eye on them while doing so. Ventilate well! If you have any health problems, especially with your respiratory tract, please consult a doctor beforehand to determine whether smoking is allowed.
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