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Spellwork - Spells for your purpose

Spellwork - Spells for your purpose

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You need help in a personal matter and want magical support for it?
Then I can help you!

I would be happy to perform a very personal magic for you and use the support of my ancestors and spiritual guides.
I take an hour for your individual magic and concentrate my energy on your desired goal. For this I use candles, herbs, oils, stones and symbols that serve your purpose. I work for this entirely according to intuition - based on my many years of experience.

You can either leave me a comment with all the details and wishes during the ordering process or you can send me a message. We are happy to clarify open questions together.
I will carry out your order promptly at a suitable time. I will then email you pictures and/or videos of your magic as proof.
Please note: I reserve the right to refuse orders that do not meet my moral standards. I do not perform malicious spells!

Examples of possible spells are:
- success and money
- Ban
- Protection
- sympathy
- fertility
- Intuition and mental skills
- Courage and strength
- Healing and good wishes
and much more

***Note: The effectiveness of spells has not been scientifically proven and is based solely on personal belief. I do not guarantee success, so refunds are non-existent. Your positive attitude is just as important as my work.***
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