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White Sage incense stick 10 cm

White Sage incense stick 10 cm

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For the North American Indians, a "White Sage Bundle" is part of every important ritual and is part of shamanic ceremonies.
When smoking, the white sage has a cleansing, disinfecting, invigorating effect and brings positive room energy.

Stick about 10cm long, 3cm diameter
(Delivery without shell! This is available separately in my shop.)

Application of incense sticks:
You light one end of a stick and let it burn until it glows. Wave the flame out again (don't blow it out, that drives away the good spirits) and go through your apartment/room with the smoking bundle of sage. Then you put the stick in a fireproof bowl and let it glow. Without circulating air supply, it goes out very quickly. The bundle can be ignited several times, just carefully cut off charred parts.

***Unfortunately not available from the manufacturer at the moment***

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