Pray the rosary

Den Rosenkranz beten
Not just a pretty piece of jewelry, but a powerful tool: the rosary. Saint Dominic is said to have personally received it from Mary with the promise that various rewards would be bestowed on anyone who prayed it. Among other things, it should offer protection against black magic attacks and fulfill all wishes of the praying person.
Now if that doesn't sound like spell and manifestation?

A prayer is said for each bead. I can now do the 3 basic prayers (Glory to the Father, Our Father, Ave Maria) so well that it is really fun to get into a meditative state with the help of the rosary. And I also find it so enchanting because it is explicitly assigned to Maria and there is therefore a lot of leeway in personal interpretation.

I deliberately omit the Apostles' Creed that is spoken at the beginning of the cross. "I believe in the Catholic Church" I can't support, but I can believe in the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary 🖤
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