Working magically with saints - offerings

Mit Heiligen magisch arbeiten - Opfergaben
Magical work with saints is always individual, depending on who you want to work with.
Some saints, for example, like offerings in advance; for others, half the offering upfront and the rest after the request works well. Some are content with simple offerings, while other saints ask for something extravagant or specific.

For most Saints, lighting a candle is the easiest way to make contact, as this is a common practice in the Christian context.
In addition, the following offerings are customary, depending on the saint's preference:

* a glass of water
* other beverages such as coffee, rum, liquor, wine
* Candles (each saint has preferred candle colors)
* Flowers (some saints prefer a specific flower or flower color)
* Food (cake or bread are the usual offerings)
* Items (e.g. keys, medals and other items representing what the Saint Patron is for)
* Prayer (reading prayer cards, praying while burning candles etc.)

Who prefers what, you can easily research on the Internet.
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