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Saint Francis figure

Saint Francis figure

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Francis of Assisi (Francis) lived after the example of Jesus Christ. This simple way of life attracted like-minded companions, leading to the founding of the Friars Minor, whose order grew rapidly (the Franciscans). Many areas of social and cultural life received and still receive important suggestions from the poet, peacemaker, ecologist and archetype of a new human being .

Francis' memorial day, October 3rd, is also World Animal Day committed. He is usually depicted with the stigmata of Jesus, a crucifix, the globe, a skull, or with animals such as wolves, lambs, fish and, above all, birds.

Francis is the patron saint of Italy and Assisi, of the poor, lame, blind, convicts, shipwrecked and environmentalists; the weaver, cloth merchant, tailor, merchant, flax merchant, tapestry merchant, social worker; Catholic Action , Social Work, Environmental Protection, and Cub Scouts - the infant level of Christian Boy Scouts; and he helps against headache and plague.

Stable polyresin figure, 13 cm high.

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