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Incense set Rauhnacht 12 cans

Incense set Rauhnacht 12 cans

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Christmas set
The rough nights are the days around Christmas, from December 24th to January 6th. This is a special time when the gates to the Otherworld are wide open. Smoking at this time allows you to participate in the deep mysticism.

Elecampane root - brings sunshine into the heart and warms the soul
Angelica Root - Creates a protective cloak of light
Valerian root - opens the gates to the otherworld
Mugwort - to drive away spirits and demons
Amber - Opens ancient knowledge within us and expels negative energies
Oak Bark - Protects and strengthens our resilience and straightforwardness
Vervain - Opens the connection to the Otherworld
Fumitory - drives away harmful influences
Pine resin - has a cleansing effect and drives away melancholy and sadness
Mariengras - Invites the beautiful and creates a warm and friendly atmosphere
Juniper berries - juniper tips - juniper is considered a protective plant against everything negative. It clears the mind and brings strength to withstand adversity

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