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Spellcandle small mix pack 12 pieces

Spellcandle small mix pack 12 pieces

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You will receive a set of 12 different colored small ritual candles, black and white are represented twice each.

Each color is intended for a different magical purpose:

- White: clarity & purification
- Black: Protection & Banish
- Red: Love & Passion
- Blue: Wisdom & Peace
- Green: Luck & Success
- Purple: Spirituality & third eye
- Yellow: Success & Power
- Pink: Friendship & Romance
- Orange: confidence & energy

You can find out more about candle colors in my blog: click here

When performing a candle spell, always burn the entire candle for the spell to work. This works wonderfully with these small candles, because they only burn for about 1 - 1.5 hours.

The candles have a diameter of 1 cm and are 10 cm high.
You can find a suitable holder here: Pentagram , Star or Triple Moon

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